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Innova BIC

Innova BIC s.r.l ( was settled in December 1994 on the initiative of DGXVI in the sphere of a Community programme actuated by European Centres of enterprise and innovation (CEII or Business Innovation Centre). Its shareholders are the Messina Municipality, the University of Messina and the Provincial administration of Messina. Innova BIC is an innovation support services provider, and is a full member of E.B.N. (European Business Innovation Centre Network) and member of Italian Confindustria, the Italian industry association. In 2002 it was certified ISO 9001 and in 2008 ISO 14001. Innova BIC acts as a technology transfer agency for the development of the territories through training, project management, strategic consultancy, etc.. In 2007 it organized several high tech brokerage events between research organizations/enterprises and Venture capitals in Illinois and Texas among Italian and USA organizations. Innova BIC is involved as partner in different projects, such as: A) European Tunisian Cooperation (ETC) project, a bilateral cooperation between the EU and Tunisia, funded within INCO FP7. B) ETRERA, a capacity building, involving Italian, French and Tunisian partners, funded within FP7-REGPOT. C) Energy2b project, funded by Intelligent Energy Europe program within IEE-CIP, in which Innova assesses several business ideas in the field of energy. D) PLAYER, funded by EIP -CIP, involving young European entrepreneurs in an online contest. E) Energy Power Cluster - EPC, in cooperation with the University of Messina, CNR ITAE, Confindustria. It is financed by the Italian Ministry for Economic. Innova is providing support services to researchers and potential entrepreneurs in the field of RES, EPC. F) STRETTO- System for the Territorial Research and the Technological Transfer Organised (Strategic planning of a centre for the technology transfer managed by the University of Messina and the University of Reggio Calabria). H) Project Energy Technology Experts – Training course for experts in the field of renewable energy. I) FETRIC - Future European Tunisian Research Innovation Cooperation - to improve S&T dialogue between EU and Tunisia, funded by INCO 7FP 2013. L) FP4BATIW - Fostering partnerships for the implementation of best available technologies for water treatment & management in the Mediterranean pending funding by R2I – FP7 2013. M) ETRERA_2020 – It is coordinating Empowering Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Research Alliance for Europe 2020 challenges – to reinforce cooperation with European Neighbourhood Policy countries (Tunisia, Morocco and Palestinian Territories) on bridging the gap between research and innovation. It is funded by R2I – FP7 2013.

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