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The GreenProject is a company operating in the construction industry recognized as innovative Start-Up and ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems - It was created with the aim to propose solutions for housing which have as their ultimate goal the quality of living and eco-efficiency. A new culture of who can tie together inseparably the peculiarities of the building, the comfort it offers, the quality and safety of the materials used, energy efficiency, with the quality of living and social life. The GreenProject although a Start Up, has with him a wealth of experience and expertise gained over the years, because it is the result of the earlier companies operating in the construction field and now they wanted to converge towards a philosophy of building a new, more sensitive to issues of green building, eco-sustainability and energy efficiency. The peculiarity of our company is its structure that allows you to assist the customer in all phases of the development, from design to financial advice (Reduced VAT, Tax Deductions, access to credit), from the execution to the highest quality and aesthetic standards installation of alternative energy systems. The GreenProject is characterized by the quality and completeness of the services provided. A plafon services all managed by internal staff , technicians and specialists with competence and professionalism that give quick answers and concrete . To obtain these results, the GreenProject is structured in different lines of business : GreenP - Environmental Consulting , Landscaping, Architectural Design , Urban Planning and Landscape , 3D Modeling , Rendering, fotoinserimenti Practices buildings, Energy Certification - EPA , Feasibility Studies ect . GreenFinance - Access to Credit, Tax Deductions practices , Facilitated VAT , handling administrative practices ; GreenProject - Implementation of construction works : Residential green building and sustainable ; Construction of wooden houses and gazebos ; Building renovation ; Remaking water systems , sanitary, thermal and electrical certificates; Free Energy ; GreenPower - Design and installation of renewable energy.

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