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Helios Prodotti-Tecnologie Srl

Helios Prodotti & Tecnologie is a company specialized in the designing and production of speciality phytonutrients and fertilizers for agricultuere. Our production range from bio-activators, phyto-fortifiers, slow release fertilizers and self defence inducers, to amino acids and products for use in organic farming.   According to the EU Reg.  2003/2003, our products are defined as "fluyd fertilizers", either in suspension than in solution. For almost 10 years, we have created fertilization formulas raging from universal products to specific solutions for each crop. Over the years Helios has invested in R&D activities and in infrastructure a great proportion of its profits, diversifying its applications and pointing to the realization of a wide range of products allowed in organic coltures. Just during these days is nearing completion a plant for the powdered fertilizer mixtures, in such a way allowing for a comprehensive offer to farmer's needs. Nowadays the company owns its own buildings in a 30000 Square meters area with large yards for the handling of raw materials and finished goods. The growing sensibility towards ecological problems, in particular those related to the environmental protection and to the quality and salubrity of agricultural productions, is determining deep transformations and new guidelines in the market of technical means applied to agriculture. Starting from these clear and precise signs, Helios aims at supervising upon new products development and modern technologies, innovative technological means for the nutrition and bio-defense of the most important agricultural and ornamental crops. HELIOS is offering ad hoc solutions, developed upon the specific needs of the customer buyer. Drawing from better available technologies on the market we are able to fulfill whatever request, providing for specific solutions in strict collaboration with the same client. The accumulated experience allow Helios standing as an open and competent partner for the whole agricultural world.

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