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Cierre Labs S.r.l.

Cierre Labs production for ice cream and pastry applications, is based on only quality controlled fresh fruit and transformation processes, selected varieties from Sicily, not frozen, low pasteurization and storage at ambient temperature lines, no fat, no milk.  All preparations follow the same procedure for processing, observing the most careful attention to the maintenance of organoleptic and nutritional properties of the same raw material. Company follows really high internal protocol of food safety during all working processes. For these reasons, "Fruttigolò" ice cream base is the product that comes closest to what you would do with your own hands, choosing fruit, cutting and peeling it. NOT ONLY ICE CREAM……… FRUTTIGOLÒ isn’t only intended for the realization of the ice cream, its fresh fruit flavors meet up with the master pastry makers' creativity : lovely mousse, pastry creams, baked cakes, monoportion small glasses and so much more are the results of versatility and easy of use of FRUTTIGOLÒ. Our experts are ready to give an ample demonstration of any FRUTTIGOLÒ employment in the laboratory, to meet the needs of all those who want to discover its  goodness and quality.

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