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Ecodomus District

The Ecodomus District was created in order to connect companies operating in the whole building production chain: it is an opportunity for growth aiming to expand and acquiring high levels of know-how in the sustainable building field, by means of design, institutional, educational and technological support. The District links more than 160 small-medium enterprises with an overall number of workers that is very close to 1800. All the enterprises in the district have a heterogeneous profile, able therefore to cover the entire phase of sustainable supply chain: from design to waste disposal through the procurement of raw material, marketing, construction and maintenance of the product "construction”. The most important objectives of Ecodomus are: - Sustainable production and consumption plans to reduce the environmental impacts of cluster activities, - Apply eco-efficient and innovative technologies, techniques, practices and procedures, in order to maximize the energy and environmental performance of energy along the entire chain, from raw material extraction, construction, use and maintenance to final disposal of products, - Promote EMAS registration of sites and services, with the aim of the continuous improvement of the eco-performance of firms and the energy and environmental certifications of products (e.g. ISO14020, eco-labels, EPD).

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