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Regione Siciliana
Expo Milano 2015



Italyeat is based on the idea on creating a excellence Italian culinary and agri-food which enhance the territories of origin, showing the typical local quality for the Made in Italy in the world. Hence the desire to select only products, that respect and exalt the excellent typical characteristics and that looks with carefully entrepreneurial the Italian and foreign markets without losing in the evolution of production and trade the inspiration of craftsmanship that makes the human component instantly recognizable in the various processes of manufacturing. Fundamental elements which inspire the mission of Italyeat are RESPECT and PASSION. Respect for our work and for the activities of our producers; Passion for the products that we select with professional and meticulous attention; respect and passion for all areas of our country, that have the necessity to be valued by exalting the best of what they express, searching always to accomplish with our work the perfect combination between the product marketing and the area marketing. For this purpose Italyeat has already formed a basket of selected products that consists of the following items: Pasta, Oil, Wine, Condiments, Conserve, Smoked Fish, Cheese, Anchovies  and tuna.

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