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Caruso & Minini

Each vintner grows up with the dream that one day the grapes that he produces will become a wine that he can sign with his name. Stefano Caruso knew to share this dream with his father, Nino. But it wasn’t until the deal with Mario Minini was sealed that they decided to launch the project of building the winery. Minini brought over 80 years of experience and maturity in managing and developing the Brescian winery, a determination to achieve the common objective with Caruso: produce wines that can charm and surprise the palate for their originality, character and elegance.For choice and passion, Stefano Caruso and Mario Minini choose to build the winery in an old “baglio” in the heart of the traditional wine-cellar area of Marsala.The men of Caruso & Minini by working in that XIX century building created with the purpose of making wine and taking care of it.The estate is faithful to the traditional Marsalese architectural style: A large square courtyard is surrounded by buildings that house every phase of the wine production process. It’s a perfect marriage between historic traditions and modern technologies in buildings that were built and designed one century ago. A concrete example of how the traditional Marsalese style and know-how is helping us face the current modern challenges in wine production.

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