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NEOS S.r.l. operates in the field of Health and Safety on the Workplace, Company Certifications and Training. We integrate consolidated professionalism of the sector, ensuring the Employer the complete fulfillment of the obligations laid down in the Law on Safety and Health in the workplace. We support our clients throughout the all process aimed at the design and implementation of Company Management Systems (EMS) thanks to partnerships (SGS Spa Italy). Neos is Accredited Training Centre by Sicilian Region and Authorized Training Center (CFA) AIFOS on training in Health and Safety at Work. We have worked hand-in-hand with a wide variety of clients including companies in manufacturing, food company, electronics, education, staffing and professional societies. The organizations have ranged in size from very small to very large, with one site or multiple locations. NEOS  collaborates with leading international certification bodies delivering courses for auditor / lead auditor in Food Quality, Quality Management Systems, Environment and Safety. A great focus is our support during commercial international audit (like as Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Lidl) in food private schemes and in filling the contract documents for product quality specifications required by GDO; these activities, together Supplier Second-Party Audit known as Supplier Audits in Food Safety, Environment, and Safety. Second Party Audits, are commonly because they are used where an organisation has to assure itself of the ability of a potential or existing supplier or sub-contractor to meet their requirements. Our Training Services are:  -          Training in Food Safety -          Training in Safety, Quality and Environment System -          Training for Food Operator  Accredited Training Centre bye Sicilian Region Our  Consultancy are: -          Development and supporting Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO14001), Safety (ISO18001) and Social Accountability (SA 8000); -          Development and supporting  Food Management Systems (ISO22000, BRC, IFS, Global Gap); -          H.A.C.C.P. management system Other our service: -          Supplier Second-party audit in Food Safety, Environment, and Safety   OUR STRENGTH We offer a network of  highly specialized professionals and  our experience  in training and consultancy services for public and private companies. NEOS has the hands-on experience and expertise to effectively coach your organization and to correctly interpret the quality standard for your particular application.  MAIN ADVANTAGES The Integrated NEOS System is based on training programs and consultancy activities for homogenous productive sectors, customizable on demand with on-site activities. We design and we perform ad hoc courses also at the premises of the customer. Neos is a full service, hands-on quality consulting firm specializing in the establishment, implementation and improvement of quality management systems, quality auditing and training. Our work provides the necessary information and useful insight to help you become a more profitable company through implementation of effective quality management principles that drive organizational health and effectiveness.

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