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Temix Communication Engineering Srl

Temix Communication is a private Italian Group of Companies, it is a leading supplier of innovatively integrated communication systems, products and services to, industry, broadcaster, military forces, and security agencies. The company is based in Catania, where is located yhe headquarters, the R&D lab and the manufacturing plant, others facilities are located in Malta, Libya and Lebanon. Temix Group leading the market, with its technical knowledge, engineering and support expertise, Company’s key points are excellence, flexibility, integrity and friendlinesstowards all customers, partners and suppliers, determined to maintain the human approach toward its partners. The company was founded in 2003 from an idea of the current management team, with a wide technological know-how based on a worldwide experience in satellite and wireless communications technologies, joined with the innovation team's culture, Temix Group is able to develop innovative complex systems in a very short time.

Cellulare: +393356990596