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Eurografica Srl

Packaging and inserts pharmaceutical,  industry was born in 1986 as the results of many years of experience in the printing industry. Since its birth it produces leaflets and cartons for the pharmaceutical industry. Acquired over the years the typical mentality of the pharmaceutical industry which now allows it to also offer in the food sector the same quality standards and professional for the customer. It is located in catania's industrial area-Pantano d'Arci district, the third street 20/22 and cover area of 5.000 m2, divided in: --amministrative office e quality control; prepress, press, cut, die --cutting, preparation-package and delivery departement office; --stores for row and auxiliary materials. It is characterized by the seriousness with he confronts his own work and the availability towards their customers. Since 2004 he has a certified quality system UNI ISO 9001, updated according to UNI EN 9001:2008 (certification authority DVN).

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