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F.lli Caprino Srl

Our company was founded in 1945, in the area surrounded by the Nebrodi Mountains. Run by the founder’s sons, the Company, with its 63 year long commercial history, features a deep knowledge in the manufacturing of conventional and organic nuts, with a particular attention to hazelnuts, all mainly coming from the Nebrodi Park territory and also almonds and pistachios. The round hazelnut of Sicily is particularly appreciated for its characteristic aroma, the delicate taste and the intense fragrance. Always committed to environmental sound practices, our facilities are powered by solar energy, and as a form of respect towards nature our main focus goes to organically grown products. Thanks to our close collaboration with the growers we can guarantee full traceability and quality of our product at each step of the process.  Our transparency is guarantee of a high quality product. We are a company of the trasformation of especially organic but also conventional dried fruit such as hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios Our products are: Hazelnuts: in shell, shelled, roasted, roasted and diced, powder and paste Almonds: shelled, blanched, blanched/shelled roasted, granulate, paste, slices, slivers Pistachio: pistachio in shell raw or roasted and salted, shelled, peeled, granulate, powder and paste

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