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Botanical unit - University of Palermo

Our Research unit brings together academic and technical staff in the Department of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (STEBICEF) and Department of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (SAF). Institutional task of our is the scientific research in all fields of Plant Biology, Ecology, Landscape and Biodiversity assessments, Ethnobotany and Traditional Farming. Our research teams operate in collaboration with other laboratories and research groups in several Italian and foreign Universities. A very high level of scientific productivity is generally attained as demonstrated by numerous papers published on national and international scientific journals and through the active participation events aimed at the communication of science to the general public and to public's awareness raising campaigns on sustainable land management and biodiversity. Our Unit manages, as well, a wide collection of dried and living botanical specimens, as well as a Seed Bank of endangered plants and ancient crop varieties that is part of the RIBES and Millennium Seed Bank network. The occurrence of laboratory and technical equipments for analyses in micro-morphology, anatomy, histology, and ultra-microscopy (SEM), guarantees for the quality of the work in characterizing and defining taxonomical/micromorphological traits of biodiversity. Lastly, our unit manages the Botanical Garden of the Palermo University (Director: Prof. Dr. F.M. Raimondo), which is a CITES member and is perfectly equipped to receive and correctly maintain protected taxa. Our Unit actively collaborates with many local administrations, uncluding the Regional Parks of Madonie Mts. and Nebrodi Mts. which represent a main geographical area for traditional rural landscapes and wild plant populations of rare and endemic plants.

Cellulare: 3283366730