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Caffè Moak spa

Founded in 1967, Caffè Moak works is the coffee roasting and distribution sector. For more than 40 years of experience, the company is nowadays present in many countries, but the bond with its territory is primordial. The town of Modica, where Moak was founded, was part of the greatest civilizations during its thousand-year old history: Motyka for the Greeks, Motuca for the Romans, Mohac for the Arabs. Indeed, when Giovanni Spadola gave life to a new entrepreneurial reality, the Arabs - discoverers" and great coffee drinkers – wanted to be recalled. In few years, Caffè Moak reaches important goals with a significant growth on Italian ground first, and then abroad, cornering the markets in all five continents. An achievement gained thanks to new modernization projects the company starts both in the production and management sector, which represent a strong point of the brand.

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