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Production of desalinations plants and water treatment systems. COMPANY PROFILE Selmar Technologies has been working since 1984 in the water treatment field. It designs, produces and sales reverse osmosis systems of desalination, sea and brackish water purification plants, for industrial, marine, military and tourism/hospitality applications. The full line of products includes also the Sewage Water Treatment Systems for nautical applications, conforming to IMO/MARPOL standard no. MEPC. 159(55) and European Directive 96/98/EC MED (CERTIFICATES N. MED-B-8569 and MED-D-1810). Its innovative products are designed according to the highest qualitative standards and strict reliability criteria, targets the company achieves thanks to its solid and proven experience in the field, through constant research and a philosophy of continuous innovation and improvement. As for the quality assurance, the company has obtained the updating of the cortication of its own quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 international standard. All equipment proposed by Selmar meets every space and functional need. The company offers a variety of solutions, to modify or realize machines, that meet the needs and expectations of customers. Research and development of innovative products improve the current production, to guarantee high qualified technical assistance and assure customer’s satisfaction, which is the company’s main aim.

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