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COSVAP - Distretto Produttivo della Pesca

The Production District COSVAP Precisely, the intersection of industrial and socio-economic motivations allows to trace the reasons for the constitution of a Sicilian fisheries district in Mazara del Vallo and to understand why in the last years Sicilian companies committed in the fishery’s sector felt the need to create a network to ease communications, cooperation and flexibility: in one word, a “system”. 350 fishing vessels, 4 boatyards, 10 fish-processing industries, 36 companies for satellite activities: few numbers that permit to consider Mazara as a sublime place in maritime sector, in a region such as Sicily, devoted to coastal tradition. In March 2006 the first Fisheries Production District was established. It included the entire province of Trapani, though Mazara’s navy covers 60% of its global volume, counting on the most important fishing port in Italy with its 30.000 tons of catches per year. Since 1990 the Sicilian Consortium  for the Development of the Fisheries  (CO.S.VA.P) aims to the promotion of the ­sh-eries sector in Sicily through the systematic vision of the production chain, engaging specialists, entrepreneurs and institutional stakeholders. The primary purpose is to safeguard the ­sheries production system and develop its competitiveness and productivity through the improvement of structural and socio-institutional conditions in a territory consecrated to ­shery, and the setting of strategies and participation or sustain of all the stakeholders (producers, ­shermen, workers of the ­eld, end users).  

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