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SOC. AGR. VERNERA di Spanò & C. s.n.c.

Our company’s name is Vernera. We are situated on the Iblei Mountains, in Buccheri, in the magical archaeological site of St. Andrew, between a necropolis and a Gothic church, where, since centuries and centuries, olive trees reign uncontested in this area, finding both fertile soil and ideal climate. Our century-old olive groves are planted on hills, on 70 hectar grounds and in several areas: Vernèra, Sant’Andrea, Tallarita, Zocco, Mazzarino, Mascarone, Maddalena, Frassino, Travana. They produce Tonda Iblea olives, our typical cultivar. Here, since 4 generations, we use to pick olives in October and we go on through November. We pick olives only by hand and we press them that same day in an olive oil mill which works on continuous process, at a extremely low temperature and with very short pressing times in order to obtain only first pressure extra-virgin olive oil. The oil is then put in steel containers, saturated with nitrogen and put in a controlled temperature room. During the bottling, again, we saturate every single bottle with nitrogen to avoid oxidation. Oils. We have always produced four different types of Tonda Iblea’ s extra virgin olive oil: Le Case di Lavinia Red Label: an extra virgin olive oil with an extremely low acidity rate; Le Case di Lavinia Silver Label: an extra virgin olive oil obtained by special techniques of transformation and reducing pressing times; Le Case di Lavinia Violet Label: a Monti Iblei D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil, Monte Lauro under-zone. Le Terre di Vito: our Organic extra virgin olive oil.   The four types of oil are part of an intense fruity category and they present, even if in different proportions, an harmonic balance between bitter and spicy and a typical fragrance of tomatoes, artichoke, green grass. We suggest the use of the Silver Label, the D.O.P. Violet Label and the Organic one, on raw dishes, salads, vegetables, soups and meats.   We propose our olive oil in: Violet Label and Organic: 0,10 l. / 0,25 l. / 0,50 l. / 0,75 l. / bottles and 0,175 l. and 5 l. cans; Silver Label: 0,10 l. / 0,25 l. / 0,50 l. / 0,75 l. / 1 l. bottles and 0,175 l. and 5 l. cans; Red Label: 1 l. bottle and 5 l. cans.     Società Agricola Vernèra di Spanò & C. s.n.c. Address: Corso Umberto, 21/23 – 96010 BUCCHERI (SR) Mobiles: +39 338 3622868              +39 338 1450213              +39 349 5645487          

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