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Parisi Luigi Salvatore LSP56 DESIGN

My name is Luigi Salvatore Parisi and i am an italian citizen residing in Monreale (PA), Sicily. I am an Inventor Designer for furniture of any complexity level. Currently i have applied for a patent (my reference number is PA 2015 A 000002) whose name is "MULTIPLE-UNIT FURNITURE STRUCTURE"  and i also still have three other applications for furniture which is built according to the joint technique. This invention of mine can allow getting highly strong and functional sections ready to be shipped and easy to be assembled or disassembled only by helping with your own hands and taking less than 5 minutes. This technique of mine allows the potential consumer to get over any kind of nuisance or possible inconvenience rising from using tools, glue, screws, zips, plugs, etc. ..and even to overlook those unreadable instructions you find inside the packaging of the present furniture which is provided by an assembling kit on sale in the best known leading companies in the sector.

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