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GiuFè  company is the brainchild of the Sicilian designer Giusy Ferrara to create unique jewelry with an unmistakable style where everything comes from a painted canvas. The creations take form from small pieces of multicolored canvas of irregular shapes, assembled by silver, gold or steel wires using creativity with no limits to outline the contours of jewelry that is sometimes set in them. Each piece is designed in detail and constructed with an exclusively hand drawing inspiration from the original canvas, which is embellished with beads, crystals and stones of various materials, colors and shapes, assembled subverting the strict rules of technical perfection and privileging creativity and design. Unique pieces, all different from each other. The result of Italian creativity and manufacturing that gain value over time. GiuFè captures the potential of a painted canvas, lived as a work of art, explored seeing in the rough and porous nature of them all the possibility to create a new and valued language of art absolutely unique. GiuFè means design but also emerging art form. The canvases full of holes, the origins of the creations,  are exhibited in various art galleries in the world which increases GiuFè works of art's value. The originality of the creations is valued and certified. Each piece has a marked pendant attesting the originality of the product and a certificate of authenticity showing the photo of the picture the creation is from and the number of jewelry created from it. Giufè creations are protected by a patent that shows the uniqueness and inimitability of them.

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