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Onorato srl

Onorato Ltd is a company which comes from its founders thirty years of experience. It offers different services, from the furniture to the equipment, and it boasts of hundreds of shops: coffee bars, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, delicatessens, pizzerias, pubs, supermarkets, butcher shops, pasta shops, agritourisms, workshops everyone made with the greatest professionalism and peculiarity. It also produces equipment suitable for specific aims, supplying manuals for an easier use. Besides developing free designs, it deals with easy-terms loan public financing for its own customers. The English website offers an exclusive service to its customers, since it gives them the possibility to design their shop autonomously. It is enough to upload your plan, to select the products of your interest and ... enjoy yourself! Place the equipment as you desire. While you design the plan of your dreams, your quotation will be prepared automatically! Thanks to its long-lasting experience in the catering field, Onorato Ltd has created its own franchsing called BONTA' SICILIANE ROTISSERIE based on the typical Sicilian products of rotisserie; BONTA' SICILIANE PIZZERIA based on the Italian speciality pizza; BONTA' SICILIANE PATISSERIE based on the sicilian product like SICILIAN CASSATA, the BAKED CASSATA, the SICILIAN CANNOLO and the ricotta-based SINGLE-PORTIONS. Our franchising is a way to promote Sicily and its traditions all over the world.

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