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Agrestis Soc. Coop. Agricola

Company Profile   The society “Agrestis” operates in a small country in the hinterland of Siracusa, Buccheri, at 820 mt above sea level, in an area where the olives represents a culture from centuries. It was born in 2003, from the idea of two young Giuseppe and Lorenzo, and their sons: Pietro and Salvatore decide to valorise the typical product of the area of the Iblei Mountains: the Extra virgin Olive Oil. Pushed by the love for their earth, they decide to devote themselves to the care of many olives trees present in Buccheri and that by now the elderly owners were abandoning. They they acquire around 8 hectares of olive groves, part of which converted in biological, while others are managed in lease. The predominant philosophy in the project, is since the beginning, to guarantee a high quality in a “precious aliment” expression of the traditions of Sicily. So launched the challenge to themselves the project starts! Today the hectares of land are 30 with about 12.000 plants of olive trees, And, with pride and satisfaction, Agrestis has reached prestigious international and mondial award for its wonderfull and powerfull evo oil from Tonda Iblea, that exprime in the territoty of Buccheri his better characteristics.

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