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With the project "UPANARU" Best Sicily Food - Made in Italy, we are proud to present national and international attention some of the products of the cultural tradition of Sicilian food, in order not to lose what "our forefathers" have preserved. To know and to appreciate our typical food and agricultural products , we have gathered into a single brand the most representative products of our culinary culture and food of the Sicilian territory and above all in the area of the province of Trapani and the Earth of the Elimi . In collaboration with medical experts in food science of the Mediaging program, we choose the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet. The goal is also to make it clear to the consumer that by purchasing the packs to brand UPANARU or the typical " Panaro " BestSicilyFood take home a piece of Sicily . We want with passion and dedication to not lose this immense heritage of Sicilian culture as the language of our fathers , in order not to lose our identity . The characteristic of our brand is the typical Sicilian basket : the panaro " UPANARU " , where we put a series of products chosen by virtue of their nutritional characteristics and their goodness . Thanks in

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