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Expo Milano 2015


consorzio feudo mondello

Feudo Mondello is a farm, located in belice valley, who grows durum wheat since 1872. This year we have build, in the middle of our wheat fields, an artisanal pasta factory with a dedicated stone mill.  So now, from october 2015, we can transform our durum wheat in semi-integral pasta and flour, preserving the wheat germ (not even the 3%, by weight, of a single grain but incredibly rich of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts) and, with a cylinder mill, in conventional semolina pasta. Using bronze dies and drying slowly the pasta at a gentle temperature, it retains all its wheat flavour and nutrients. Is a really short chain, from the grain of wheat to the pasta. The ears of wheat are completely dries by the sun of Sicily, and a special storage system, the silo-bag (a big polythene bag that preserve the grains in a controlled anoxic atmosphere) making our stocks free from micotoxin. Feudo Mondello also grows and sell chickpeas and lentils

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