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Inmedia srl

The climate’s delicate; the air most sweet. Fertile the isle, the temple much surpassing The common praise it bears. W. Shakespeare, Winter’s Tale Inmedia is a SME offering media and communication services for the tourism and cultural sector. It has developed numerous multimedia projects for territorial promotion and has launched lately into the business of good (especially organic food), by being the representative of several local producers of wine, sweets and canned products. These two activity branches represent the core of the company's business. Inmedia develops also international cooperation activities that regard EU financing, building up interesting projects around the topic of tourism and culture, but also social sciences and research. Its staff has a conolidated experience in media, tourism and cultural heritage management. The variety of company structures with which InMedia has collaborated and the continuous confrontation with different markets, has given the company the necessary experience, in order to be able to solve any type of communication problems, as a fully reliable business partner for very complex communication and audiovisual projects and for touristic and cultural projects. We want to make the Sicilian culture known throughout Europe, through projects based on innovation and excellency.

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