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(食品)Carmela Di Caro srl

按几个世纪以来的传统在西西里种植橄榄,并生产初榨橄榄油。我们关注产品质量,也很注重产品外包装。 Carmela Di Caro srl makes an excellent extra-virgin olive oil, extolled by gourmet for its unique taste and valued by nutritionists as an "elixir of life". The company follows the olive growing tradition that has been strictly observed for centuries in the Sicilian province of Trapani, . Carmela Di Caro srl offers a wide range of high quality products indicated for a daily use. buyer facing to the company will see the superior quality of extra-virgin olive oil. It is determined by different important factors. First of all we should consider its natural and environmental characteristics such as the areas of cultivation, the climate and the cultivar . Sicily's weather conditions make possible we have the best extravergin olive oil in all over the world. The huge potentiality comes from the history of the company who begins half century before the constitution, as small and specialist oil producer and year by year the company grows up getting knowledge from the past. We work for the bottle design because we know the influence to the costumer of a very well label .

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