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(环保 生命科学)Istituto Euro-Meditterraneo di Scienza e tecnologia (IEMEST)

The Euro-Mediterranean Institute of Science and Technology (IEMEST) is a no-profit research organization, as defined at art. 30, paragraph 1, of the EC Regulation 800/2008 and at art.83 of the E.U. Regulation 651/2014, recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and registered at the National and European databases for the research associations. In 2012 he applied for and received the recognition of the legal personality. The Institute pursues as institutional purposes to generate, transfer, share and disseminate knowledge and technological innovation. It supports scientific and technological research of high quality, encouraging and supporting research and training of graduates and researchers in the Euro-Mediterranean Area and promoting the career of researchers. It has as main purpose to carry out basic and industrial research as well as experimental development, and to disseminate results through publications, technology transfer and / or teaching. All profits are reinvested in these activities. The research activities of the IEMEST are documented by numerous scientific articles published in international journals with bibliometric indicators and surveyed from databases recognized by the international scientific community. These publications contribute to the Institute a growing visibility on the international scene, encouraging the development of valuable partnerships and the creation of scientific networks of high level. The training activities include Conferences, Master, Seminars and Workshops, many of them in English, on various topics related to the scientific activities of the Departments. Many students and teachers in the Mediterranean area are participating in these training activities. The IEMEST has already signed several framework agreements with public and private research centers in Europe and abroad. These agreements allowed the participation of IEMEST to calls for European funds and the IEMEST is currently participating in two projects funded by PON 2007-2013. The website of IEMEST is updated daily with information about research and training projects presented and carried out, scientific publications and international exchange activities, main national and international calls for research, the list of active partnerships and scientific cooperation, the main institutional information (Board of Directors, scientific Committee, Advisory Board).

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