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KORAI - Territorio, Sviluppo e Cultura (Territory, Development and Culture) is a Sicilian cooperative company, composed of 7 young female professionals (architects, designers, experts in economy and in preserving, promoting and enhancing Cultural Heritage). It is a "cultural and creative industry" involved in the enhancement of Cultural Heritage and territories since 2011. We plan original and exclusive cultural tours and activities to discover Sicily, its territory, lifestyle and traditions. We also design and sell items of museum merchandising and items that tell places, communities, traditions, involving networked makers and designers and working on the issues of the sustainability and the recovery of local cultural identities. From the touristic side, we have organised interesting and enjoying activities and events for an international target of tourists. Our trips are aimed at "making an experience" of our country and its warming people. Regarding the design and fashion sector, in cooperation with the GhanaSicily Business Forum Association, Korai has started a project of eco-craft and eco-design called "KxK - Korai x Kente" to promote Kente (the precious traditional and handmade fabric used for Ashanti King's clothes in Ghana). This fabric (the most precious is made of cotton and silk) is entirely handmade and woven by male weavers using wooden frames that are typical of African nomads. The long and narrow stripes of fabric produced are sewn each other to create coloured clothes for men and women.The fabric, always different in colour and geometric patterns, has special meanings, each related to the Ghanaian culture. Since 2014 Korai has founded the "KxK" brand for fashion and design items (caps, bags and fashion accessories): matching the excellency of the Ghanaian Kente producers with the excellency of Sicilian craftmen and designers, Korai produces its "KxK" products between tradition and innovation. The fashion products, inspired by typical objects of the Sicilian tradition, are made in kente and eco-materials (ricycled leather, etc.). They are handmade, exclusive and unique (no two alike), absolutely made in Sicily and with a strong link with the culture of Ghana whose community is very large and perfectly integrated in Sicily. 

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