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(制造)PFI S.R.L.

我公司从事冰箱的生产。我们的产品采用优质材料,比如实木和聚氨酯,并且采用最新的技术,像能保证空气流通的风冷技术、触摸屏和LED照明。并且,我们还能根据客户需求订制内部光源的颜色和效果。我们的产品能满足包括新鲜、冷冻食品的储藏到红酒、腊肉、雪茄的保存。因为采用双压缩机,能在一台机器中实现双温区。另外,我们还能根据客户要求订制颜色、外部材质等。 Tin Pan Alley ice boxes: a strong bond with the past, to take the best of the traditions and make an innovated, high quality product destined to leave its mark.The whole power and performance of industrial refrigerators brought together in an element of pure design, planned for domestic use as well as for the catering world where an intensive use is needed. Our strength is born not only from the details and the use of the most exquisite materials like solid wood and expanded polyurethane, but also from the application of cutting edge technologies such as the ventilated refrigeration that ensures a uniform air recycling, the touch screen display and the RGB led illumination to personalize the color and the effects of the internal light. One product for multiple uses: from the conservation of fresh and frozen food to the refrigeration of wine and the aging of cured meats and cheese and the preservation of cigars. Thanks to its double engines, it's possible to manage two different zones inside the same apparatus. In addition, maximum personalization of colors, finishes and forms allows us to meet the tastes and needs of each customer and to adapt our ice boxes to any residential or commercial background. 

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