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Fauci Group "S.I.A.S. Sas di Di Paola Giacomina & C." and "Nova Costruzioni"

Fauci Group has a long tradition in the industry related to the production and marketing of brick and precast. In the second half of the 80s the group began to diversify by investing in the real estate and tourism sector. Today Fauci Group, with two different companies "SIAS Sas Di Paola Giacomina & C." and "Nova Construzioni", operates mainly in the real estate and in the tourism sector with a property portfolio of more than 10 million euro. The group aims to explore and seize the new opportunities offered by the market, with particular attention to technological innovation and the bio-economy, applied also to the field of Real Estate and sustainable and intelligent Tourism. Today Fauci Group is looking for a transnational partnership to expand its sales network through an international trade cooperation; the group also aims to create new business projects through cooperation with international and financial partners who want to invest in the luxury tourism sector and in the Real Estate. The group looks to New Business Models, to Venture Capital and Incubators  

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