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«Innovation and entertainment». These are the main purposes of Red Raion's creative studios. Born in 2014 in Sicily (Italy), Red Raion focuses on virtual and augmented reality, using the latest technologies in 3D reconstruction and 4D animation.   We realize both 3D and 4D animated videos, from the beginning to the end of the process: storytelling, character design, animation phases, postproduction. Red Raion's expert look after every single step. We create serious games, interactive tours and three-dimensional commercials, paying specific attention to the world of Art fruition.   Red Raion has gained expertise in innovative Cultural Heritages promotion, by becoming involved in researches and projects with the aim to re-define the way we visit museums, archeological sites and, in wider terms, monuments. We are also engaged with theme parks, amusement parks and attractions industry. The district dedicated to entertainment and edutainment represents our reference point.   Being more specific about our mission, we can identify three different directions on our business model:   4D/5D animated videos: the entertainment industry is pointing on innovation. We are looking for partners in amusement management (as an example: zoo, aquatic and theme parks, visitor centers, shopping malls and museums) who are looking for brand new, high quality definition and multidimensional contents, to entertain and enlarge their audience;   3D reconstructions: in its definition, 3D reconstruction is the process of capturing the shape and appearance of real objects. It is useful for trade centers, brands and cultural sites who wants to innovate their image by using virtual reality. On the other hand, creating 3d virtual ecommerces can be considered as a smart solution for those who areb trying to forecast the next big thing in digital innovation;   Augmented Reality apps: it's the way real things embrace digital. What we see could be enhanced - augmented - by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Brands, shops, public administrations and managing authorities of heritage sites can include augmented reality in their marketing strategies.   We conceive all the aspects of our products. And we are open to customize our works, pleasing our clients' needs.   If you want to learn more about us, visit our website:

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