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Gerratana Ltd

Gerratana Ltd. is a leader company in the design, manufacturing, sale and after sale service of certified and high-quality equipments, customized furnitures for food and no-food public spaces (restaurant, coffee bar, pstries bakeries, hotels and offices). Pasta & Co. is an idea originated by Gerratana Ltd. The comparison with the big starry Chef Ciccio Sultano and the Designer Fabrizio Foti, from the original idea of Pasta & Co. becomes one completely different and projected, with its shapes and colours, to innovation and future. It realizes in a small space the possibility to have everything is necessary to produce fresh pasta, from flour and water, in way visible and recognizable, so as the customer don’t have doubts about the freshness and genuineness of the product. At the same time we will give the opportunity to buy other Made in Italy products: olive oil, tomato sauce, jam, wines and other friendly gift ideas.

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