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Eurostone srl is a company founded in 2004. The company draws its origins from the extraction of Perlato Sicilia marble, which is a material that gave life to the large stone district known worldwide. The company started extraction activities, but only recently has it supported the transformation and commercialization of a product with increasing qualities. In the quarry, the company has earned the experience and professionalism needed to respond to the increasing demands of customers, who are increasingly demanding and constantly looking for new materials. The company owns a Peralato Sicilia quarry located in the Noce district of the city of Custonaci (TP), from where a type of marble that is appreciated for its versatility and durability is extracted. It comes with enviable physical and technical characteristics, with streaks and ivory tones that are well suited to any type of application in the field of construction, furniture, urban design, floor coverings, coatings for interiors and exteriors and stairs.   In addition to the Perlato Sicilia, the company exclusively owns the quarries of the unique Rosso Sicilia or Rosso Erice, a type of intensely red marble with white streaks that is very compact and versatile. Moreover, the Rosa and Rosso Venezia marble, a marble with the same characteristics of the famous Rosso Verona marble, but that is entirely extracted in Sicily, are found in the same quarry. After more than 40-years experience in extracting and marketing blocks of marble, the company felt the need to internalize the material transformation processes. In fact, in 2004 the company internalized this activity and started producing tiles, slabs, processed goods such as steps, risers, flooring for exterior use and urban design. In order to support the market demand, the company was expanded and has become one of the most important players of the industry both in Sicily and Italy.   Today, the company focuses on exports, with the aim of Arab countries, without forgetting the importance of opening up new markets, such as South America and South East Asia.

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