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HISTORY OF THE COMPANY: 1944 - Avola Stone opens its activity as a firm specializing in the working of the local natural stone. The workroom (workshop) was founded by Michele Avola, the first leader of the firm. Subsequently its management was passed down to Giorgio, the founder’s son, and to Armando Minauda, at the present moment general manager of the firm Avola Stone. 1982/87 – “Avola Stone” brand appears at the very beginning of the 80s. Over a period of almost 10 years, the company activity specializes in the production of road-indentation, pavement edges, roads and pavings. 1988 -     From 1988 onwards Avola Stone expands its activity - thanks to the plenty of its experience in working of the natural stone - towards the architectural field and the public building trade. It also specialises in production of facades, facings, objects conceived and designed as urban furnishing and sculptural works for private use. 1989/98 – Thanks to ongoing research and new technical solutions – e.g. featuring both water-jet cutting and the utilization of in-numerical-control milling cutters – Avola Stone is an increasing success in public building trade. Thus, what we define as “basic products” are now flanked by production of decorative and designed objects, such as furnishing items for the bathroom, fireplaces, balustrades and so on. 1999/05 - Avola Stone becomes a sector leader in production and working of the natural Sicilian stone. Nowadays Avola Stone takes part in the most important fairs, as far as this sector is concerned, and it has expanded its sphere of activity outside local borders, by exporting Sicilian stone to five continents. The company workshops maintain a section, conceived for craft and artistic works. 2005/.. - As far as the company’s growth is concerned, it regards a careful image communication, by using institutional and coordinated-image instruments. At the present moment Avola Stone collaborates with Studio Rotella in Milan, which is concerned – as styling office – with the planning of a catalogue, including objects and items conceived and designed as urban furnishing. The planning of two new collections – the first regarding furnishing items for the bathroom, and the other regarding stone finishes, surfaces and textures by Avola Stone, which are available on catalogue – is in the process of developing. Characteristics: Row materials produced by Avola Stone are of first-rate quality, standing out from common Sicilian stones. The strength of our stones and their naturalness allow an unlimited use and can have different destinations, guaranteeing compactness and challenging wear and the passing of time. Avola Stone is the “core of stone”. Its clear and uniform essence takes place in specific soils, where it is quarried by Avola Stone. OUR STONES COLLECTION: AVOLA Ivory stone: Limestone called “AVOLA STONE” AVOLA Ivory Stone has a characteristic ivory colouring; it is compact and not porous. It looks very hard; its surface is uniform, even if it occasionally presents grey nuances. In the past it was marginally employed – with regard to its potentialities -, because its hardness made it difficult to process. It was mainly employed, as well as in external pavings, in borders, pavement borders, staircase covering and every other not particularly shaped work. The introduction of modern machinery made the use of this stone possible, in order to produce objects conceived and designed as urban furnishing, benches, flowerpots, simple and airy front wall coverings, balustrades, fanciful inlaid floorings mingled with other natural stones and even internal fittings. This stone can have different destinations. Its natural colouring and its brightness remain unchanged with the passing of time. SURFACES: Brushed-chipped edges     Sandblasted       Splitted         Bush-hammered       Polish       Honed   Brushed   Cobbled (cobblestones) Phisical and mechanical characteristics: Pearl Ivory Absorption for immersion : 1,6% for capillarity:   0,8% Real specific weight: 2680 Kg/mc Apparent specific weight: 2510 Kg/mc Resistance to compression: 808 Kg/cmq Resistance to saturation: 725 Kg/cmq Resistance to flexion: 140 Kg/cmq Barocchina: Sandstone   Barocchina Stone is a sedimentary rock, and it was greatly employed after the earthquake which, years ago, hit Eastern Sicily. This particular material became a protagonist in the Iblean reconstruction, characterizing the town planning – thanks to its golden-yellow colouring – and the architecture of the restored towns. It is used for the most oddly assorted things, because it is easy to process and because of its good qualities; in fact, it is employed in building load-bearing walls, arches, vaults and, in particular: capitals, balustrades, fountains. It is not particularly suited for pavements or urban furnishing items, because it is porous.  Phisical and mechanical characteristics: Barocchina Stone Absorption for immersion : 17% for capillarity:   15% Real specific weight: 2700 Kg/mc Apparent specific weight: 1853 Kg/mc Porosity: 31,4% Resistance to compression: 184 Kg/cmq Resistance to saturation: 110 Kg/cmq Resistance to flexion: 43,8 Kg/cmQ   NERO AVOLA Stone: limeststone NERO AVOLA Stone is an asphaltic stone and it is commonly called “Pitch stone”. It consists of calcareous and impregnated-with-bitumen strata, whose mineralization reaches a dozen-of-meters thickness. It is characterized by a dark-brown colouring and by irregular spots; moreover, it occasionally presents lighter or whitish nuances. Pitch Stone was predominantly employed in old-fashioned baroque palaces (‘600/’700) and in Ragusan churches; today it is possible to admire the unchanged beauties of them, thanks to its hardiness and impermeability. Recently it has been employed in restauration, in show-rooms’ furnishing, in particular circumstances such as the internal wall covering of prestigious premises and stores.  SURFACES: Honed       Polish         Brushed  Phisical and mechanical characteristics: Petrol Stone Absorption for immersion : 1,4% for capillarity:   7,1% Real specific weight: 2520 Kg/mc Apparent specific weight: 1948 Kg/mc Porosity: 2,7% Resistance to compression: 161 Kg/cmq Resistance to saturation: 101 Kg/cmq Resistance to flexion: 34,4 Kg/c   Lava Stone: Vulcan Stone Vulcan Stone is a natural product and it is originated by mount Etna’s vulcanic activity. Vulcan Stone is characterised by a very low capability in the absorption of liquids; it is very resistant to wear caused by the passing of time, keeping almost good – in the centuries – its original state. Ancient Romans used to employ it too, in building their streets, whose beauty can we still admire. Vulcan Stone has a dark-grey colouring; it is uniform, compact and very hard to process. It is suitable for different destinations both in private or in public building trade.  SURFACES: Bush-hammered     Honed         Polished Phisical and mechanical characteristics: Lava Stone Mean value characteristic +/- 2 jm Apparent density (Kg/m3): 2850 +/- 5 Water absorption (%). 0,77 +/- 0,002 Flexured strength (Mpa): 14,1 +/- 0,8 Wear resistance: 0,52 +/- 0,03 Impact resistance (cm): 61 +/- 4 OUR FACILITIES QUALITY CONTROL: A commitment to Quality Control is the only way to assure a consistent and high quality product over time. Avola stone is committed to providing the highest quality and consistent products possible. When a customer orders from Avola Stone Design, they will know exactly what they are getting. Our regular testing program assures this for our customers. We are always try our best to do free QC service for our client. Our professional QC team are here serving you, we will offer you exact quality reports on time with professional attitude. Thanks to our integrated chains from the rough to the finished product we are able to check the quality from the beginning of the blocks slicing and see i which procedure we have to follow.   Our quality control system will be supported from photos for every procedure: (slicing the blocks, cutting into size requested and finishing it on purpose) packing, loading into container and our service department people will send the photos upon your request. Inspectors are always welcome to control the material and quality of our work in every part of the processing. OUR FACTORY AND MACHINES: Our Machines list as follows: 3 DISKS FOR CUTTING THE STONE 1600/2000/2500 DIAMETER 1 MONO BLADE FOR SHAPING THE BLOCKS 3 BRIDGE CUTTER MACHINES 1 MOLDING MACHINE TO TURN THE BLOCKS 1 POLISHING MACHINE FOR TILES UP TO 60 CM WIDTH 1 POLISHING MACHINE FOR SLABS UP TO 110 CM WIDTH 1 POLISHING EDGE MACHINE  1 SAND BLASTING MACHINE WIDTH UP TO 130 CM 1 AUTOMATIC 2 DISKS TRIMMER MACHINE Quantity of slabs produced per month (standard size) 1.500 sqm. OUR PROJECTS REFERENCES: BANANA REPUBLIC SHOPS - EUROPE DEVELOPMENT: UK. ITALY AND FRANCE. VOYAGE STORE- LONDON, FULHAM ROAD - LONDON. GREGORY SHOP CHAIN -  AUCKLAND CABLE CHAPEL PROJECT - AUCKLAND MATSUMOTO CHAINS JAPANESE RESTAURANT - AUCKLAND GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN - VIA MONTENAPOLEONE MILANO. GROPPETTI LUXURY STORE- BERGAMO HYDE PARK RESIDENCE- SYDNEY BURNISIDE SHOPPING CENTRE- ADELAIDE PRIVATE VILLA SAMSUNG - SEOUL PRIVATE VILLA MR BANKS- VILLA VENETO, POINT PIPER, SYDNEY WATERFRONT RESIDENCE VAUCLUSE- SYDNEY RIVIERA GOLF RESIDENCE AND RESORT- CATTOLICA ITALY. CAMMERAY HOUSE - SYDNEY MANTRA HOTEL SOUTHBANK-BRISBANE   QLD  AUSTRALIA   OAKS  26, FELIX STREET    BRISBANE  (LOBBY)   PRIVATE VILLAS UKRAINE: DINIPRO PETROSKY, ODESSA, EXTERIOR CLADDING.  PRIVATE VILLA MISS MISS LYM: MALAYSIA EXTERNAL STEPS AND INTERIOR FLOORING. COMPLESSO FUKSAS MILAN: EXTERNAL FLOORING FOR COURTYARD. MEDIASET ITALY: EXTERNAL CLADDING, MILAN. PRIVATE VILLA SAINT TROPEZ: EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL FLOORING AND STEPS. ------------- Over the years AVOLA STONE DESIGN has grown from strength to strength to become a leading force in the supplying of AVOLA limestone for remarkable projects. The company success is the result of an in-depth understanding of this industry as a whole, commitment to quality, Time Delivery and adherence to the company’s principles. In more than 40 years of extracting and processing, we have established an enviable reputation for our company’s versatility and capability in variety of remarkable projects and clients. In a view of the above, we trust that our profile, experience, professionalism, and our financial resources as well as our commitment to perform quality projects would Qualify us to obtain your orders.   Thank you in advance to your consideration. Yours sincerely,   Carmelo Minauda Export Manager  

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