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consorzio export sustainable island

Sustainable island is a consortium of companies, involde in interior design, forniture for store, bank. about this project In the first years of the twentieth century, artistic movements rose from the mitteleuropean culture and found their expression in Palermo's Liberty style. A form of architecture as 'art in everything' is developed and expressed in interior design, frescos, colored glass, wrought iron and majolicas. It is during the artistic turmoil of the golden years of Palermo's Florio family that a company which has now been operating for more than a hundred years in the grit-stone paving market is born and established. , One of the companies of the consortium, Fogazza has kept tradition alive conjugating it with technological innovation to create a product of high performance. Fogazza's product lines have their roots in a skilled union of tradition, style and innovation � wary of the current tendencies yet faithful to the most authentic artisan craft. The simplicity of the laying, the variety of shapes and colours and the possibility of personalized creations allow for a large scale use of the products, meeting even the most demanding needs. A perfect polychrome balance in personalized combinations, for a unique and unrepeatable result. The artisans follow old schematics and drawings - each and every one of them is a master of his art. There will always be a slight difference between two tiles of equal design, expressed in both the tone and the slight un-preciseness of the geometric lines, which are to be considered a characteristic of the product, an expression of the perfect imperfection of hand made products

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