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THE MAXIMUS COMPANY The Maximus Company produces wrought iron items (railings, pieces of furniture and lightings) using creativity, passion and professionalism. The company began in 1995 and is today composed of a number of professionals, with a long experience in the field.  The founder, Mrs. Daniela Iraci learned the “iron making” in the workshop of her father, Mr. Salvatore Iraci, who is today the owner of a thriving engineering business, which was originally his grandfather craftsman’s studio. In 2004 the Maximus Company merged into Metalmeccanica Iraci S.r.l, a family concerned business and creativity and professionalism finally joined innovation and technology. Furthermore, the cutting edge appliances improve standards and quality. The Maximus Company embraces the innovation keeping the craft made characteristic unaltered and offering a unique and original product ranging from building industry to furnishing.    ABOUT US Around 1928 at “Calata del Bastione” (in Matteotti Street in Gela) a blacksmith shop was opened and with the years passing by and three generations of the Iraci family, it became the existing Metalmeccanica Iraci S.r.l. Today the Maximus Company is part of it. Run by Mr. Francesco Iraci, the first shop was composed of a small craft man shop with a huge number of cutting edge appliances. The Iraci family still holds the key of that original shop carefully, keeping it as a memento of its professional roots. In 1945, the company’s current owners’ grandfather became the trustworthy blacksmith of Don Ferdinando Maria Pignatelli Aragona Cortès, Prince Ferdinando Aragona Pignatelli, the last Prince of Terranova (Naples 1899, Gela 1951). In those years, it began not only a working relationship between the two men, but also a strong friendship, as the frequent correspondence from 1945 to 1949 testifies.  The confidential tone between the two is justified by the nickname used by Prince Ferdinando Aragona Pignatelli, when referring to the Iraci grandfather. Ended in 1945, the World War II was the cause of the working depression and for this reason the Iraci grandfather was forced to migrate to Argentina in search of more job opportunities, as many of his countrymen did in that period too. After years the depression gave space to a more flourishing period and in 1958, due to the increase of orders, the original shop situated in Matteotti Street was moved to another place in Venezia Street, where a shed of 1000 mq was built and was initially used for the metals making. The company has always been a family’s creature and the history of each family’s member developed around it. (As the following pictures show). In one of these pictures Anna, Mr. Salvatore Iraci’s wife has been photographed while using the old anvil and in the other picture it is possible to see some family’s members (sisters, brothers-in law, and niece) at the entrance of the shed.     Around 1976 the company was transferred into the current shed in the industrial district of Gela, while the old shed became a space for commercial use only.   STAFF Daniela Iraci – Designer Since a child, Daniela became very keen on creating items using wrought iron in the family firm. The passion became concrete in 1991 and in 1995 the passion transformed into a real employment, thanks also to the merging of her activity with that of her family in 2004. It is Daniela who personally follows each different phase, from conceiving the project to the direct realization of it. Daniela has great manual skills, which are driven by her inspiration, experience and professionalism. Each creation becomes a real masterpiece characterized by different kinds of languages able to satisfy the customers’ different needs. The classical, the modern and the natural lines show the eclectic temper of the designer. As the commitment of Daniela Iraci is characterized by the pursuit and the experimentation of forms, materials and finishing the result is a total evolution which is aimed at creating unique and original items of quality. During the years, Daniela gained a lot of awards and acknowledgments.   CUSTOMER SERVICE  Everyone at Maximus Company works for customers’ satisfaction and aims at gaining this important result granting products of quality and a gentle and efficient service. Our professionals are willing to meet and satisfy our customers’ requirements, taking care about each phase from the very first contacts to after sale services.     COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING  Not only are communication and marketing fundamental to place the products on the market, but are also important to promote the company’ spirit based on respect, tradition, innovation, quality, functionality and aesthetic. We are convinced that the professional growth cannot do without healthy human relationships. For this reason, Daniela and her collaborators never drop the craft man creation, which recalls past savour and values and is linked to the idea that the single person and the single object are to be put in the centre.     PRODUCTION  In order to face market high demands and offer products and services of quality, the production got stronger during these last years. The company can count on suited and innovatory appliances for the entire productive cycle: metal making, sandblast plant, painting plant while protecting the atmosphere. The Maximus Company seeks always at raw materials, checks all the productive phases, and takes care about details and search for aesthetics and functionality. All these activities are carried out in order to grant the characteristics which give aptitude to the items and satisfy customers’ needs at the same time.   SHOWROOM The showroom is situated inside the company’ structure, next to the production lab. It is structured so that it can offer visitors a lovely experience in the furnishing field, which is represented by items, made of wrought iron. The staff welcomes visitors with professionalism and reliability, characteristics which totally distinguish and elevate the company.   MATERIALS  The materials used for the production of items are principally iron and plate. Anyway the use of other types of materials (crystal, glass, marble, mosaic, stones, ceramics, brass and bronze) testifies the company’s willingness to constantly pursuit and experiment to obtain innovating results.    FINISHING and DECORATIONS  When all the production phases are at the final stages, the products receive finishing treatments in order to grant beauty and integrity. The finishing process regards: Sandblasting process to eliminate impurities Hot/Cold zincifying process or bi-component antirust treatment Bi-component enamel application Handmade nuanced decoration Bi-component transparent finishing: shiny or matt Our products are also treated with the following treatments: AGING PROCESS: It is applied to give the item an oxidise aspect using the application of a brown colour. VERDIGRIS: The term verdigris indicates the process of oxidation as a natural effect of the time. ATTRITION: Thanks to this process, some areas of the items can obtain an older aspect than others, giving the object an effect of casualty and aging. OXIDATION: It is a kind of finishing which imitates the natural oxidation of materials through the application of chemicals. Application of golden-silver leafs   SERVICES  The Maximus Company offers its customers professionalism and competence, guaranteeing the following services: distinct quotation for each project personal surveys for the realization of projects survey and design achievement of prototype customized products after-sale service

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