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Glamour Marmi srl

Glamour Marmi srl is a marble factory sited in Sicily, near the main city of Palermo. We produce italian marbles such as Perlato Sicilia, Crema Sicilia, White Carrara, Botticino, Travertino, Grey Billiemi, Rosso Sicilia. We usually provide slabs, tiles(all sizes), steps, riser. The simplicity of Glamour Marmi is a real trademark ,a modus operandi that characterizes the approach to even the most prestigious architectural projects and the most important work of the world: in the awareness that we can do, and we are able to do all with the marble. Starting from raw slabs to the most complex special processed , the Glamour Marmi is an outstanding interpreter of Made in Italy in the world that is not only an expression of a particular way of doing business - strongly linked to the territory - but also a taste and a style recognized as typically Italian , which will enrich any architectural context of a timeless charm. A peculiarity that has made Glamour Marmi the ideal partner for clients and designers worldwide. Glamour Marmi srl has a complete team that follow you from the first contact to the last steps. The team is always awailable for you for any question and by the most modern way of communication. Nowadays we boast of many customers all over the world and we hope to increase even more this number.

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