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Atelier iSole (R) by ISOLE srl

Company formed in 2012 based on an idea by Lucia Scavo, Peter and Virna Marchese, to commercialize the invention of the designer Lucia Scavo object of patent filing follows. It took more than three years of studies and tests, with the collaboration of artisans and graphics, to develop the prototype of an innovative system RING WITH INTERCHANGEABLE MODULAR INTERLOCKING iSole® - object instances PCT and design for various level presented to the European community and the world. International Patent Pub. No. WO / 2012/066 584 iNTERNATIONAL APPLICATION No. PCT / IT2011 / 000300 Pubblication Date 24/05/2012 International Filing Date 23/08/2011, under license to Palermo Isole Srl - P. Iva 06072410829. Today, the company designs, manufactures and markets, including through its Atelier, jewelry in ​​limited editions and with research materials mostly with precious metals and non-precious stones, pearls and gems research also vintage. The brand "iSole" is a registered trademark.

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