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Modart di Flavia Pinello

Heir of Fontana Sisters' Haute Couture techniques thanks to her grandmother, who worked many years for them,  the Fashion Designer Flavia Pinello merge the master knowledge from the golden age of Italian fashion with the modern techniques of contemporary fashion design. Despite her young age she has gained a remarkable experience in tailoring and embrodering in one of the most important Atelier in Palermo. After accomplishing her studies in Fashion Design and Patternmaking she opened her own Atelier and Fashion Brand: Modart di Flavia Pinello. Her style is unique and easily recognizable was defined by the fashion critics as a "Renewal of minimal chic" , "A dress that become a piece of art", "Like in fable... the wedding dress sparkle!". Her unique design and tailor made dress make the U.S. fall in love with her "The renaissance of Italian Fashion".  Make the dream come true: precious fabrics and laces, silks and organza become the substance for the dream of every bride-to-be. The purity of white graced with silver and crystals take the bride to a fantastic world made of fables. #viviilsogno (#livethedream) is the trend for Flavia Pinello's 2015 Bridal Collection. An amazing Made in Sicily production, her dresses are tailor made in her own workshop with an accurate attention for details with a luxurious handmade artigiano couture mastered by Flavia Pinello and her workers. 

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