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Studio Stilistico Munafò

Giusi Munafò  was born in Avola where she founded the "Studio Stilistico Munafo." Since 1985 she has been working and researching fashion and studied fashion design and " modellistica industriale"  in the school  "Istituto Callegari" and then studied in the academy of fashion  " Istituto Moda Industriale"  in Brescia and Cagliari, where she moved for several years.From the professional experience acquired by an ongoing collaboration with ateliers and companies, comes a work path on an experimental basis both in fashion exhibition and teaching, alternating her activity as a professor of fashion design and technical modeling with being a "figurinista" and fashion designer.She devotes special attention to contemporary research alongside other intercultural trends in relation to the new aspects of professional training.Her first show, which took place in Rome, dates back to 2001. Always interested by the research and development of the "Fashion" as a tool for personal and social growth; the topics covered allowed the deep bond that the fashion designer has with the world of "fashion system".In 2001 she formed the company Emme Export, under the brand name Munafò, starting to export its products in some boutiques in New York and New Jersey. In 2004, in the historic center of Avola, she opened her own atelier where she develops, designs and produces collections of "Alta Moda Sposa" and ceremony. The professionalism of the designer offers the opportunity to make "unique" and authentic dresses, dressing the personality of its wearer.Her creativity and experimental design research offers an artistic language, with roots in historical avant-garde. The love for elegance and fashion design results in a deeply cultured contamination, in which the past speaks with the present, giving rise to experiments of great cultural value, attentive to the changes and the evolution of society.The result is the creation of two "Alta Moda" styles:"Memories Retro" - Memories, embroidery, lace macramè, the chic retro mood, thought and designed for a woman who loves the most sought for ideas."Nature" is inspired by a fertile land that produces colors, flavor, taste, almond trees blossoming, the blue of the sea, the sun, sunsets, "Sicily".Wedding Gowns with large romantic flow and smooth lines, soft sensual, draperies, embroidery like crystals light and pearls, experimenting with new materials and decorations, sartorial excellence, high quality fabrics have given life to numerous collections related to the native land but are open to an international world.

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