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Fashion design steps into Sicilian shops,’ botteghe’, to rediscover the value of handmade work. Irene Ferrara’s bags and accessories are created by skilled men and women who have succeeded in halting the passing of time. It’s the result of the patient work of Sicilian artisans, along with a modern design of the fashion designer Irene. A peculiar working way and a challenge for a small brand that choose to privilege the quality of handmade work and the love for their native land. The designer of the entire line is Irene Ferrara who, such as declaring her identity card, was born as an artisan herself: the manual labor, she loves very much, is an important starting point, a return to the traditional values. Now, she is a business women who transferred her knowledge and passion to the girls who work in her laboratory-Atelier. The philosophy of the brand is supporting small and valuable activities that allows the rational use of materials that become creative idea: every piece of leather, fabric or other material is remodeled to the last cut, a choice of style but also an ethic that follows the logic of reuse not visible, an ecological criteria that do not express an aesthetic "eco". Born in 2002, the brand unveils a new Sicilian reality that, in addition to creativity, is distinguished by professionalism. The handbag line, founded in 2007, has become the primary image of the brand: the rigid handles shaped are one of the peculiarities of the line; Designed to be different from a traditional concept of bag is rather similar to a game of shapes; a bag that is not only an accessory but something you decided to wear as an item of clothing. The strict lines and shapes and the choice of colors selected from the Sicilian designer, don't remind apparently the one of the sun and the sea typical of the native land, but it is what lies behind, the focus of interest of the designer. With the same intent, in May 2010 Irene and her sister Carla decided to open an enticing half-store and half-art gallery in Rome: SPAZIOiF. Among galleries and workshops in the heart of the city centre, near Piazza Navona in the historic Via dei Coronari. In addition to their productions SPAZIOiF hosts artists and designers who choose to tell an unconventional Sicily unexpected also for Sicilian people. A search for values ​​closely linked to the area. When you buy something SPAZIOiF, you choose to have something very unique, in the choice of designs and materials but first of all a different way of interpreting fashion, away from the glittering world of catwalks but close to ancient alleys and the valuable workshops that are part of the history of our city. SPAZIOiF has been ranked among the ten top shopping spots in Rome as one of the best shops on the luxe city guides by the magazine Guardian

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