Padiglione Italia
Regione Siciliana
Expo Milano 2015


Coral Jewellery gold or silver sterling 925, and precious stones, diamond, rubin, zaffir

Sabrina is a popular sicilian goldsmith who lives and works in Sciacca. She started her busines in 1990 working together with the most important laboratories in Sicily and Calabria.  Sabrina's original jewelry comes from her exclusive ideas: an elegant and creative use of the coral of Sciacca combined with precious ancient or contemporary materials. For years sabrina has been following a very original compositional search path: pearls, amber, coral and ivory are combined with gemstones, gold and several materials. This makes her jewels unique and of a particular taste being tailored for the woman who will wear them.  So her jewels narrate the history of the ancient sicilian tradition influenced by a dreamlike oriental touch. This magical alchemy of elements and styles makes sabrina's creations appreciated and sought-after in Italy and around the world.

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