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c.i.d.a. s.r.l. /La vie en rose

Our company, C.i.d.a. s.r.l. born in the late 1960s, based in Palermo, Sicily as a first business nucleus set in the women’s clothing sector. Lately was founded the brand La Vie en Rose and with the second generation, the company has been undertaking an expansionist policy.     Our reference target is a contemporary woman who looks for multi-use solutions, adaptable to different occasions, a woman who often wants to change, because she gives a great attention both to her career woman image, sophisticated,  but at the same time, never boringly classic, and to quality and price.   The collection consists of various themes and many products in order to have a “Total look”. Our product represents a woman who desires a collection with a strong image, advanced design and care of details. It is strongly emotional and  highly competitive, but for its elegant taste and refined details, it can also appeal to medium-high customers.   Our product represents a young and assertive woman and shows a strong image content, advanced design and attention to detail. Main products: women’s clothing and accessories: suits, pants, jackets blouses/tops, overcoats, dresses, coats, knitwear and matchable knitted products. Scarves, hats, belts, stoles, handbags, shoes, jewels.     We are constantly working on the collections that are marketed throughout the year with a continuous creation of models. It consists of various themes and many products in order to have a determined and inviting total look.   They are obtained  from the strongest and  most pregnant trends of the Italian and international  fashion, but however the trademark is given a strong connotation with a well-definite style.

Cellulare: +393358049835