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Conti Creazioni s.a.s. di Guido Conti & C.

Sciacca is a town on the southwestern coast of Italy, located a few kilometres from the huge archaeological park of Selinunte and from the ancient Greek city of Akragas (modern Agrigento), and has noteworthy views of the Mediterranean Sea. A treasure of inestimable value was discovered at the bottom of the sea: the largest amount of Corallium rubrum ever found so far, which was later called ''the Sciacca coral''. It is purposely used to enhance the preciousness of textiles, objects and furniture, but is mainly used to create jewels of great beauty and preciousness. The jewel made of coral is esteemed as an ornament with apotropaic and sacramental properties. The Sciacca coral gained more notoriety when in 1831 an island called ''Ferdinandea'' - in honor of King Ferdinand II of Aragon - emerged in a fiery hell from the depths of the Strait of Sicily, about 24 miles away from the coast of Sciacca. Few months later the island disappeared into the abyss again and, for this reason, is also called ''Neverland''. Giuseppe Conti began a careful investigation of the unique and inimitable coral of Sciacca and started the project ''Oro di Sciacca''. He made his own and brought into contemporary times the ancient techniques taken from the Sicilian tradition of working and carving the coral. Nowadays the Conti Creazioni workshop creates unique jewels characterised by traits of the Sicilian culture and history.

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