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Calzaturificio Francesco srl

History Femininity is expressed with a deep, piercing look, sensuous movements, a soft voice, and with a classic, timeless, black dress and beautiful shoes - the signature accessory that makes a woman complete and brings out her body and soul. Calzaturificio Francesco has been making exquisitely manufactured shoes since 1945. Shoes that are highly unique in terms of comfort, style and beautiful materials. In the 1960s, Francesco shoes began to be distributed to the very best Italian designer labels and, as a result of its constant desire to follow an innovative approach, in the 1980s the company decided to revamp its production methods and begin working with major brands in Italy and Europe. Every single product designed and manufactured by Francesco illustrates stylistic beauty, attention to detail, high-end materials and strictly artisanal workmanship. Once it had developed its own characteristic identity that could help set it apart from the competition, the company began to expand on the market. Today it is one of the leaders in the footwear sector and the shoes and accessories it produces are extremely popular both in Italy and abroad. In 2005 it was awarded Made in Italy certification. Francesco Italy: this core brand is dedicated to bridal collections and formal occasion footwear for men and women. Exclusive shoes and accessories created with expert skill and given a stunningly beautiful twist with gorgeous embroidery, exquisite fabrics, soft leathers and original SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Elegance and style are perfectly encapsulated in the Francesco E-line, with simple, linear footwear that is all about detail. For the sophisticated and discerning lady, who is career-minded but also fond of glamour and keeping up with on-trend style, we have created Francesco Couture, which is characterised by elegant, sophisticated design. Platforms, towering heels, gorgeous silk, on-trend shades and beautiful SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS come together and encapsulate the image of a woman who is strong, determined and sensual. A woman who symbolises the age in which she lives. Francesco Calzature, Italian emotions.

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