Padiglione Italia
Regione Siciliana
Expo Milano 2015


Cettina Bucca, italian emotional couture I adore forms, colors, paintings, and the excitement  that you get from creating a dress in relation to the unique and special person who will wear it. When I was just a child the game I loved the most was designing and creating clothing for my dolls.  I used all types of strange and particular trimmings: small pieces of material from tapestry, rope,  braided raffia, pieces of curtains or bedspreads, and trimmings of needlepoint or crocket. A Cettina Bucca dress: is beauty you can wear.  A gentile game, extremely feminine, made of tactile sensations, perceptions of dress forms that become part of the body. To be touched, wrapped and covered by rich fabrics. Uniquely, manufactured by hand with the knowledge of the antique tailoring craftsmanship. Discovering and sharing the emotions that are enclosed in each piece of fabric, are brought to life by a creative mind, an unrepeatable story of timeless beauty told by the body. Letting you be the protagonist of your own magical fairytale. The joy of wearing a work of art. The desire of those who love art and want to live in contact with it, become a whole in one through a sensory experience that is repeated differently every time, always unique. Cettina Bucca is an artist. An artist that give form to the soul creating unique pieces: clothing expressing   an inner world that is made from a kaleidoscope of light and life. An eternal spring of the soul, capable of blooming in every moment. Always new and always true to oneself. Each Cettina Bucca dress is a work of art that is savored wearing it. The privilege of wearing joy. Joy is more than an emotion. Joy is light, energy, spirituality, an encounter with life, a contact with life, the triumph of life. Joy is uniqueness. Because it is the result of a combination of elements in a perfect moment of truth and harmony. The harmony of the individual spirit and body with the universe. Joy has a shape, a substance, a color. Joy  you can wear An inspiration, emotions that become reality in the hands of my precious collaborators, expert tailors that under my direction, carry out my projects transforming each fabric into the dress that I had imagined from the beginning, reinventing every time a new wonderful game destined to dress special women. A unique women.

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