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Expo Milano 2015


Rosa Anna Argento Owner and fashion designer

The production of handmade fabrics and design patterns, takes place in the context of the creation of clothing and fashion accessories, hand-decorated and inspired by famous works of art of Italian and European artists, developing the content and enhance the products that stand out also for their elegance and sophistication. The brand "Rosa Anna Argento" arises from the need to combine the creative excellence of art with a cultured and attractive femininity. Citations of works, in fact, are the starting point to get to a brand whose preciousness is to create a unique and unrepeatable, because it is hand painted, almost like the art to which it refers. In this way, the elegance of the "Made in Italy" is embellished with the charm of the artistic culture of all time. The wide range of products consists of shawls, dresses and shoes. But also performing complete bedding satin silk produced in Japan. A new production includes tiles furniture for hotels and luxury homes. Participation in the fair in Qatar was particularly successful.

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