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Expo Milano 2015



Design, fashion, contemporary art, culture of reuse.  AMORlab is a versatile space in the city center. It is placed 10 minutes walking from Piazza Politeama and Via Libertà an important area that combines the heart of the shopping district and some of the best points of reference for the hotel industry, catering and life night. Where you draw the interlocking between the Liberty and the Baroque city. AMORlab stands for Art, Fashion, Toys, Reuse, is a space of about one hundred meters square divided on two levels, in which was a gaming room. It has a windows in a beautiful building of the early twentieth century. A space with a manifold soul: shop, gallery, creative workshop, small cultural salon, which combine commercial vocation and exhibition. At the center of the practice of reuse, between sustainability and use in an aesthetic and functional of waste materials. A border design increasingly in vogue, which focuses on the transformation of everyday objects to obtain new creations, sometimes with surprising results, in which the original nature of the raw materials is being radically transformed. Clothes, fashion accessories, jewelry, furniture, are made strictly technical craft, often the result of personal and new experiments, for a rediscovery of manufacturing quality related to the culture of Made in Italy excellence of handmade, technical sophistication, creativity, balance between classic and contemporary, between tradition and innovation. The ground floor space is dedicated to the sale of design objects, while the first level hosts exhibition projects of young artists or designers who work on the border with contemporary art: here, take place on a regular basis, personal and micro collective of emerging names or established, active on the local, national and international. All this is completed by a program of workshops with artists, architects, designers and experts, focused on the theme of reuse, recycling and sustainable design, as well as the most innovative research in the arts and applied arts. Meetings, book presentations, talks, events, enrich the activities of this small space, designed as a place to meet and exchange, in which to live taste for shopping and passion for the contamination between different creative languages.

Cellulare: +39 3453049275