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Expo Milano 2015


Arcangela Aiello Alta Moda e Sposa

Arcangela Aiello is one of the most accurate fashion designers. She is able to put together a careful study of stylistic solution with the use of innovative material, precious textile, all united in high fashion tailoring. Tradition and innovation are combined simultaneously: it is extraordinary how she keeps intact the rigorous canons of the couture, using, at the same time, an audacity that makes her dresses brightening of their own singular light. These distinctive features render her creations a perfect combination of “fashion and art”. The final result is a highly feminine and precious collection, enriched by the use of creative solution. Valorizing every woman, her style has collected consents in different parts of the world, such as New York (U.S.A.), Dallas (Texas), New Jersey (U.S.A.), Budapest (Hungary), Tallin (Estonia), La PAz (Bolivia), Moscow (Russia), Caracas (Venezuela), Tbilisi (Georgia) and especially in Italy, where her last collections have been acclaimed during the Rome High Fashion. Her versatility has made unique and peculiar each dress, inducing prestigious art galleries to exhibit the models she creates. What has been written about her: “Arcangela Aiello is a star who can astonish and enchant us. Fighting spirit and sweetness together constitute the success of her collection”.

Cellulare: +3903478033262
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