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In the middle of the twentieth century the family's wishes not to disperse the landholdings, preserving from urbanization and industrialization, gave birth to the renewal of lemon trees, olive trees, orange groves and the cultivation of different types of vegetables. From this bold choice comes our corporate philosophy to offer recipes and working methods of the past, making savor the taste of different cultures succeeded one another over the centuries in Sicily that have left an immense and varied culture linked to food. Trimarchi di Villa Marchese wants to be the unique reference for high quality gourmet products exclusively created from a Sicilian chain, the mirror of what this land kissed by the sun and the sea can offer. For this purpose we make use of specialized personnel in the agricultural sector, research institutions and universities, experts in the field of transformation, accredited assessors, as well as chefs who collaborate to produce products of the highest cultural expression of Sicilian cuisine. Most of the raw materials are produced on the natural farm owned by Trimarchi’s family who, for generations, has believed in the natural cycle of agricultural production without using any type of insecticide or pesticide. Today, this naturalistic philosophy allows us to offer almost 50 references ranging from pickles in extra virgin olive oil, pesto sauce and pate, honey, jams and sweet creams, durum wheat pasta, extra virgin olive oil. Each product is an expression of an higher quality, a culinary excellence, which aims to discover the flavors and scents of the past forgotten due to food standardization”.

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