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Consorzio Terramica

The consortium of farmers' TerrAmica is a young and dynamic company that was born from the union of farmers operating in the territory of the "Land of the Sun": Sicily. The agricultural knowledge, memories and traditions of our community, taught by our fathers, together with new farming techniques, allow us to offer a high quality product which maintains the taste and the fragrance of the fruit of our land. Studies aimed at the development of different products, in accordance with the primary resources of our territory and the use of natural techniques, have enabled the younger generation, to achieve a substantial qualitative agricultural conversion, using the standards of quality and traceability . From this constant search, products are made of the Consortium TerrAmica intended to target consumers eager to regain the tastes and flavors of the past with a mark of excellent quality , which is effectively the guarantor of each individual product. The products in the basket of the Consortium are: tomatoes, kiwi, olive oil, snails, processed snail, processed olives, processed tomato paste, jam, wine, peppers, eggplants, oranges, lemons, tangerines, pistachios, prickly pears, fresh pasta and so on

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