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Gest srl

Monsù is a start-up that produces true Sicilian gelato using the recipes of the island's tradition, with the highest quality ingredients coming from excellent small regional producers. The company is based in Palermo and it is born thanks to the idea of the Vesco family, which has been involved in promoting Sicilian wines and food for years. Our gelato is the result of an artisanal approach, natural ingredients and a brand new production process, for distribution in Italy and abroad.   Our products do not contain any colorings, preservatives, added aromas, nor hydrogenated fats. The intense flavors come exclusively from the main ingredient.  We have 3 lines: 1)     - Gelato (Sicilian Cannolo, Sicilian Almond, Hazelnut from Nebrodi’s Mountains, Sicilian Pistachio, Chocolate with Modica’s Chocolate drops) 2)      - Sorbetto (Sicilian Lemon, Sicilian Strawberries and Wild Strwberries) - no dairy, no fats. 3)      - Granita siciliana (mint, lemon) - no diary, no fats. SIZES> - Gelati and Sorbetti: 450 ml / 340 gr (or 2.5 L tray) - Granita: 100 ml / 100 gr (multipack 4x)

Cellulare: +39091202746
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